Korea 2016-2022


Korea 2017 – Ice Age Art

For the special exhibition “The prehistoric venus, her songs” on late Palaeolithic art at the Jeongok Prehistory Museum in South Korea, Wulf and colleague Ruth Hecker produced the majority of the exhibits, including casts of more than 30 Venus figurines from the European Palaeolithic, various animal figurines, slate carvings and, of course, the lion man.

The annual Stone Age Festival started on May 3 and lasted 5 days this year to mark its 25th anniversary, attracting more than 500,000 visitors.

Korea 2018 – “Age of Stone and Wood”

This is the title of the exhibition on “Woodworking and wood use in the Stone Age” at the Jeongok-ri Prehistory Museum in South Korea. Wulf made some of the exhibits and built the dugout canoe.

Korea 2020 – “Children of the Stone Age”

For the Paleolithic Museum in Jeongok-ri in South Korea, Wulf created a special exhibition on the subject of “Children in Prehistory”, together with colleague and cave painting expert Ruth Hecker. Four panels – size 1 x 1 m – visualize:

1) The twin burial of Krems Wachtberg (Austria, Gravettian); 2) the cave wall of Fuente de Salin (Spain, Magdalenian); 3) the footprints of children in the Reseau Clastres (Niaux Cave, France, Magdalenian); 4) the burial at Vedbæk (Denmark, Mesolithic)

Korea 2022 – „Stone tools“

The Paleolithic Museum in Seokjang-ni in South Korea has designed a special exhibition on the subject of stone tools, and Wulf has made reconstructions and produced three films showing the manufacture and use of hand axes, flakes and blades.

Photos: © Kim SuA, Museum Seokjang-ni